Your Kingdom Calling

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A 7-week online course that will help you discover and implement your unique calling in the kingdom of God

Would it change your life if you knew …

  • Why you are here—and why you are the way you are.
  • Why your life matters—and why no part of you is an accident.
  • Your role in the work that God is doing in the world

Here is the truth:

  • You are not your own designer
  • God designed your calling right into you in the form of gifts or “talents” that he’s given you
  • Using these talents is simple—it’s a matter of manifesting the kingdom of God by manifesting God’s will and character through your gifts.

Hi. I’m Rachel Starr Thomson.

I’m a writer and speaker who focuses on the kingdom of God. For more than ten years, I’ve traveled around North America and other parts of the world, and I’ve reached tens of thousands of readers and live audiences with my books and teaching.

It’s been a dream come true for me, and one that for a long time, I didn’t think I could or should even pursue—because I didn’t understand that God had designed me for my calling. Embracing that truth changed everything.

Whether you know your calling in life or you don’t, whether you think you’re sensing a call from God or you have NO IDEA what he wants you to do, this is a place to find clarity and confidence when it comes to your purpose—to the good works God has created for YOU to do, and the reasons He created and called you in the first place.

If you feel like “church” has never answered these questions for you … you’re not alone. For centuries we’ve been preaching a truncated gospel that doesn’t answer the pivotal question of purpose.

The answer to this is the kingdom of God.

To put it in a nutshell: the kingdom of God is the direct, harmonious rule of God over every area of life, which brings the blessing and the life of God into every area of life. Every area. Including the arts, including culture, including work, including parenting, including your career or your business, including education, including YOU.

So we don’t have the church world, or spiritual life, over here, and then all the rest of life over here. The kingdom of God means ALL of life is spiritual life.

And this is where you fit in. God set up his kingdom, from the very beginning, on a sort of empire model, where God is the High King or the supreme ruler, and then beneath him there are “little kings” or rulers over smaller domains. Including you. Jesus said “the kingdom of God is within you”—you, your heart and soul and mind, are kingdom territory.

YOU have a significant role in the kingdom of God. Your calling is to put God’s gifts to you to work in the world so that they multiply and bring his rule and reign into every part of YOUR life, and through you, the world around you.

Your kids. Your students. Your coworkers and clients. Your neighbours. The culture. The government. All of it.

That’s what you’re called to do. It’s what you’re gifted to do. And it’s what you’re saved, and blessed, to do.

Introducing: “Your Kingdom Calling”

Your Kingdom Calling: A Bible Course by Rachel Starr Thomson

I started talking about this concept of personal calling almost by accident in early 2017, when I made a series of videos for my fiction readers that told my story. Those videos got nearly 3000 views, and to my surprise, people immediately and strongly connected with my story of rejecting my own gifts and thinking I could only “serve God” by being someone I wasn’t and doing things I couldn’t.

People jumped in and started to share their own journeys. Some were STILL struggling with these issues, even into their retirement years, in many cases after decades of faithfully serving God! Yet they still struggled with shame and with a lack of clarity about who they were and how what they were doing mattered.

Others had a lot of questions.

  • Can I trust my desires, or is my heart lying to me?
  • How can this gift—whatever it is, say painting, or writing stories, or changing diapers, or taking care of elderly parents—be service to God?
  • How can this matter to the work of the gospel?
  • And what about timing? Do callings ever change?

The questions went on and on. I found myself on a plane, flying across Canada for a month of ministry on the west coast, outlining a course to answer those questions and convey all I know about the kingdom of God and individual purpose and calling.

I spent the next seven weeks writing and filming the course, literally at kitchen tables all over Canada. I called it “Your Kingdom Calling.”

As we’ve seen, these are concepts that can change everything.

  • They can move us from a place of constant frustration, shame, and apology for who we are and what we’re not to a place of understanding and embracing what God has designed and called us to do.
  • They can move us from years of struggling with unworthiness, with unfulfilled desires, or of feelings of guilt toward our design and our own callings into a place of confidence, clarity, and joy.
  • They can take us from being ineffective and double-minded in the way we live day by day to being intentional, effective, and fruitful—by being ourselves, and by being ourselves in direct connection with God’s kingdom and his big plan for us and for our world.

When I was a teenager and young adult, I struggled constantly with feeling like I couldn’t serve God because I didn’t have the “right gifts,” and like the gifts I DID have were a bad thing. In the last decade, the more clearly I’ve been able to grasp the concepts in Your Kingdom Calling, the more I’ve been able to be fruitful and joyful in my life as I serve God, knowing that he has made me for this and that he’s blessing and empowering what I do.

The same can absolutely be true for you too, and I pray that it will.

The “Your Kingdom Calling” Course

Whether you’re still struggling to identify your particular gifts and callings, whether you want more clarity on how to apply them in your situation—be that arts, work, ministry, relationship, whatever—or whether you want more insight on the Big Picture of the kingdom of God, the full Your Kingdom Course will help you find the clarity and confidence you’re looking for.

The minute you join the course, you get immediate access to the seven-week program—which you can take in seven weeks, or you can structure it any way you want to, from binge-watching all in one day to stretching it over a longer period.

And you get lifetime access, so you’ll be able to go back over the material at your leisure. You can review it, pray through it, and watch it again whenever and wherever you want to.

The course begins with a high-level look at the kingdom of God and the history of humanity, and it ends in Revelation, so you can see where you fit into the BIG picture of what God is doing in the world. Over the course of seven video lessons, you’ll find clarity and insight into questions like:

  • Are my calling and identity the same thing? Am I a servant of God first—or a child of God?
  • How do the arts fit into the gospel? Why did God make me creative?
  • Just what is “ministry,” according to the Bible—and is God calling me into it?
  • What’s the role of desire in all of this? Isn’t my heart desperately wicked and bound to lead me astray? How can I know what God wants me to do?
  • How does WORK—the stuff I do all day every day, to build a career or a business or just to pay the bills, or to raise my kids and make a home—how does THIS fit into God’s big picture?

And here’s a hint: WORK is one of the MAJOR ways, maybe even THE major way, God is establishing his kingdom in this world! If you “just work a job”—well, get rid of that “just.” What you’re doing is an absolutely fundamental piece of the gospel of the kingdom, IF you understand how it fits and you’re intentional about using it for the kingdom.

Transformation Is Just Ahead!

We’ll dive into all of this in the full Your Kingdom Calling course … and you’re going to come out the other end with a totally transformed vision of the gospel and of your own life.

  • 7 Video Lessons

    The course itself includes 7 video lessons, ranging from 17 to 37 minutes each. They walk through the big picture of the kingdom from Genesis to Revelation and look at key concepts that will empower you to recognize and embrace your unique gifts and callings.
  • Study Aids

    Each lesson also includes downloadable study sheets, which are designed to help you seek the kingdom of God, process what you’re learning together with the Holy Spirit, and pray your way through the material so you can get it on a heart level, not just a head level.
  • Downloadable Audio

    The course also includes downloadable audio files for each lesson, so you can take in the whole course in the format that works best for you—if you want to learn during your commute, or while you’re out for a jog or doing the dishes—one of my favourite times to take in new information—the audio files will allow you to do that.
  • Downloadable Transcripts

    To save you the need to take excessive notes, each lesson includes a downloadable transcript as well.
  • Bonus “Leap Video” Course Included

    This bonus is built right into the course. It’s another whole series of videos, a course within the course, to help you break out of old, harmful ways of thinking and living and into new, kingdom-empowered ways of thinking and living. I’m calling them “leap videos” because they can help you make a leap in your thinking or your actions that will make a major difference to your life, all about finding, embracing, and walking out your calling within the kingdom of God.

Are You Ready for a Change?

If you’ve been stuck in shame, and uncertainty, and confusion about your role in the kingdom for years—this may be your opportunity to cross the line into a life of purpose and confident service.

I know this course isn’t right for everyone. But if this IS the path for you, I look forward to welcoming you to Your Kingdom Calling.

As soon as you enroll, you’ll get full access to the course, the bonus videos, and all the downloadable training materials.

If you’re ready to go deeper in discovering the kingdom and your place in it, in serving God with confidence and clarity—if this is the right thing at the right time for you, enroll now. I’ll see you in the course.

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Who Is This For?

You might be wondering if this course is really for you. Do you have to be a total Bible study geek to make this work—the kind of person who just loves to spend hours pouring through concordances and Bible dictionaries?

No, you don’t. The material does go deep. It’s NOT a surface-level treatment of the Scriptures, and chances are good you won’t have heard much of this stuff preached at church. But I’ve also worked hard to make it accessible and easy to understand.

You might also be wondering about the time commitment. Is this going to take HOURS that you don’t have every day?

The answer is no. The video lesson portion of the course ranges from 17 to 37 minutes each week, one video per week, and the study portion is designed so that you can do it in just 15 minutes a day if that’s all you have.

I realize we are ALL challenged for time, so my goal has been quality over quantity. I want you to be able to truly grasp these lessons and let them sink in and get integrated with your life, and in that respect, less is more.

Your Kingdom Calling will continue to grow and get better over time, and you will always get the updates and new material at no further charge.

It’s a living course for a lifetime of seeking God.

Join today.

Your Instructor

Rachel Starr Thomson
Rachel Starr Thomson

Author, teacher, vagabond. Rachel Starr Thomson is in love with Jesus and convinced the gospel will change the world.

She is the author of the award-winning Chronicles of Kepos Gé, along with the Seventh World Trilogy, The Oneness Cycle, and many other books.

She blogs on theology and the kingdom of God at

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